A pregnant woman living in Upper Corsica or Las Vegas will undergo a caesarean delivery at birth in one case out of four (24.7% of births exactly), while a resident of Guadeloupe will give birth twice Less often (12.9% of cases exactly). Some of them will also get a nose reshaping surgery in Las Vegas as they grow older. Click here for information on Rhinoplasty Las Vegas Pro.

With an average national rate of caesarean delivery at birth of 18.7% in 2014, France is well below countries such as Germany, Italy or Romania (more than 30% of births ), But beyond model countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway (about 17%). But most importantly, Morgane Le Bail and Zeynep Or, the two authors of the Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice, * the maternities of certain departments are much wiser than others.

In Yonne, Loir-et-Cher, Doubs, Guadeloupe, Jura and Haute-Saône, less than 15% of women give birth to their children by Caesarean section, while this rate exceeds 23% in the Alps -de-Haute-Provence, in Lozère, Haute-Corse and Guyane. The rate of caesarean section is higher in private maternity wards than in public maternity wards, and of course in the structures that support the simplest (type 1) pregnancies and deliveries than in those where the More complex (type 3).

This surgical procedure is indicated when the conditions in the woman or the child are not conducive to natural delivery. It is even medical malpractice not to have recourse to it. On the other hand, caesarean sections called “comfort” or “circumstances”, which arrange the woman or the doctor, are hardly defensible because they expose the parturiente to risks of hemorrhage, infection, phlebitis, Pulmonary embolism, injury to neighboring organs (bladder, urinary tract, digestive tract). In the event of a future pregnancy, the woman first Caesarean is less likely to give birth by natural routes, and runs a risk of rupture of her uterine scar. In children, the danger of respiratory distress is increased.